An Open Letter To Brock Turner

I didn’t want to open my new blog with a post like this. I wanted it to be fun and entertaining. But I find writing a cathartic experience, and this was eating away at my brain, so I had to write it. Below is my open letter to the Stanford rapist, Brock Turner.

Photo Credit: National Enquirer


Brock Turner,

I don’t know you personally. But I know you. I’ve known several Brock Turners in my lifetime. Those predatory (and don’t get it twisted, you are a predator) guys who were always at all the parties. Who were always stalking their prey, looking for the weakest link. That girl who was so drunk she could barely walk. That girl who went up to the bathroom alone. That girl leaving the party alone, attempting to walk home. Guys like you quickly take advantage of these situations. They go on the attack, capture their prey, and then sexually assault their victims. Several times, I stopped guys like you. I walked into situations that were to the point of an attempted assault and I yelled, screamed, hit and kicked, chasing away the attacker from the inebriated young lady. I myself was the wasted girl that these guys set their sights on more than once when I was younger. Luckily, there was always someone there to stop them from making me a victim.

Brock Turner, you are rapist. You don’t seem to want to admit to this. I read your letter to your victim. No where did I see the words “I’m sorry I raped you”. I read your father’s letter. Apparently he doesn’t understand that your “20 minutes of action” was the action of rape. I mean, if he wants to judge a crime on the time it takes, murder only takes 20 seconds. So I don’t see his reasoning there. If you had raped her for an hour, would those 60 minutes of action resonate with your dad? Doubtful. Your his son. He loves you. I get that. But you are a rapist. He can love you while still accepting the fact that you deserve a fair and just punishment for your actions and he can hold you accountable. Most importantly, I read the statement of the young woman you assaulted. I cried with her words. She so eloquently explained to you how you destroyed her world. How you raped her, then made her relive it, then tried to blame her for it. You blamed her. Think about that for a second. She is strong. You are weak. She is brave.

Brock Turner, you’re a coward. You keep also trying to blame the fact you were drunk. That the alcohol made you do it. Now, I know being intoxicated can help

with poor decision making. Rape isn’t one of those things that’s acceptable because you had too much to drink. You knew what you were doing was wrong. You knew she was passed out. You knew she never gave you consent. You know she wasn’t “asking for it”. You maliciously, and with intent, assaulted this young woman. And you would’ve done much worse if those two standup men didn’t stop you. Those men are real men. You, Brock Turner, are not.

Now the world knows your name, Brock Turner. You know what’s crazy though? If you had gotten a just sentence, if you had gotten the 6-14 years that you should’ve, we probably wouldn’t know your name. You wouldn’t have gone viral and your douchey smiling class picture wouldn’t be all over the Internet. You wouldn’t be the poster child of the Rape Culture and White Privilege. You’d just be another rapist in prison. So, you go do your 6 months. 3 months with good behavior. You get out of prison in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But good luck. Nobody is going to want to associate with, hire, work with, date, or hang out with Brock Turner. All background searches will discover you on the Sex Offender Registry. All google searches will find the memes of your picture and the outrage you invoked. I hope your victim finds some solace in this. I pray that she remains anonymous so that her name and image will never be connected to yours. I hope she lives a wonderful and happy life, and that with time and therapy she can learn to trust again. I hope there comes a day where your name doesn’t cross her mind. I hope you’re a one time rapist, and one day you admit to, and take responsibility for, the rape you committed. Maybe then there’s a chance you can repent and move forward.

One thing your case has done, is start a much needed conversation about rape culture, consent and what it means. I myself have had this conversation with my son and daughter. I hope all responsible parents everywhere have this conversation with their children. Teach our sons to respect women. Teach them to be the men on the bicycles and not the Brock Turner. Teach our daughters to be safe. But to come forward if they are assaulted, with their heads held high, knowing it was not their fault. Knowing they will have our support. We can stop the rape culture by making sure there are no more Brock Turners.